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Lyndall Dalley

Mulled Wine Master

A respected Environmental Scientist now, if we go back a couple of hundred years to a winery on the shores of Bol, a small island off the Croatian mainland, Dalley family legend has it that Lyndall’s forebears were making wine there and had been since before the birth of Christ.

The winery is today one the hottest spots on the island- famous for its grapes, food, stunning location and all-round hospitality.  And even those these days Lyndall works in environmental management, being involved in numerous community projects over the past few decades, has made it clear to her that what the world needs now is a good dose food for the soul. Lyndall joins the Highland Harvest Feast alumni to share new experiences in wild and remote places, promote eating locally sourced food care and tasting wines lovingly crafted by small vineyards in her local community.

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